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Another Oil Spill in Port of Albany.

And you are going to approve Global's request for a petroleum heating
facility to heat tar sands crude in the Port of Albany, unbelieveable!!

Albany firefighters head to fuel spill in port
By Jordan Carleo-Evangelist and Eric Anderson
Updated 12:11 pm, Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ALBANY — Two people were taken to the hospital as a precaution after
Tuesday morning fuel spill at the Port of Albany, officials said.

City firefighters went to crude-oil spill that appears to have happened
as a crew affiliated with Global Partners was cleaning out a large
storage tank.

The size of the spill is estimated to be about 400 gallons.

The Department of Environmental Conservation told Albany County
emergency management officials that 400 gallons of crude oil from a
portable tank being used as a crew cleaned out one of the port's large
storage tanks.

Two workers were sprayed during the spill. They were taken to the
hospital but were not believed to have been badly injured, officials said.

The spill appears to have happened when a valve malfunctioned in the
tank, officials said.

Five people in hazmat suits from a private company are onsite for the