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Re: Global Companies LLC – Albany Terminal, 50 Church Street – Port of Albany, Albany, New York 12202

Published on 6/30/2014 written by Dominick Calsolaro

Dominick Calsolaro
35 Clare Avenue
Albany, New York 12202
(518) 859-5219

June 30, 2014

Karen M. Gaidasz
1130 North Westcott Road
Schenectady, New York 12306

Re: Global Companies LLC – Albany Terminal, 50 Church Street – Port of Albany, Albany, New York 12202

Dear Ms. Gaidasz:

In this letter, my fifth one (Dec. 26, 2013; January 8, 2014; February 17, 2014; March 2, 2014) commenting on Global’s proposed heating facility and their request for a modification to their Title V Air Permit, I will concentrate on the 100 gallon oil spill at the Port of Albany on June 29, 2014.

According to the report in today’s Times Union (“100 gallons of oil spilled from rail car at Port of Albany”),

it looks like the oil spilled from a valve. What is extremely concerning about this is the discussion about the cause of the oil spill. According to Port Manager Richard Hendrick, “…it’s possible the day’s heat (my emphasis) could have caused it to expand.”

Let me repeat this: “…the day’s heat could have caused it to expand.” If the “day’s heat” was the cause of the expansion, then there should be NO WAY that the Department of Environmental Conservation can approve the HEATING of rail cars carrying crude oil!

I believe that the chemicals used to make the petroleum products flow easier to get it out of the ground and into the rail cars may be the culprit in cases of “expansion”. Therefore, the DEC must require the transporters of petroleum products by rail to disclose what substances (known as railbit) are added to the petroleum products that are being transported on the rail cars. Furthermore, DEC must require that local emergency response departments know what substances they may encounter should a similar “expansion” caused spill happen again – and we know it will.

I, again, want to request that the DEC consider doing three things: 1) Rescind its Negative Declaration and declare a Positive Declaration for the proposed project. 2) Require Global to undertake all necessary actions related to an Environmental Justice community. 3) Put off any decision on the project until the federal government has issued updated regulations regarding the flammability of Bakken crude being transported by rail.

Thank you, again, for your time and consideration in this matter.


Dominick Calsolaro

Attached are the previous letters I sent to the DEC, my testimony before the DEC
at the public hearing earlier this year, and a copy of a proposed Albany City ordinance I proposed in 2006 (did not pass) to demonstrate my long-standing concerns about the rail transport of hazardous substances through urban centers.