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CSX Trees for Tracks Event Albany NY 09212013

Ninety-two CSX employees and their family members planted 100 trees Sept. 21 at Hoffman Park in Albany, N.Y.

Their efforts were part of CSX’s commitment to plant one tree for each mile of track in its 23-state service network by 2014.

“We travel through many Eastern communities,” said John Gaylord, Albany Division manager. “We want to make these communities safer, healthier and greener, and this is one way to do that.”

The jeffersred maples, Redmond American lindens, eastern redbuds, thornless cockspur hawthorns, Turkish hazels, Japanese zelkovas and common hackberries are expected to play an integral role in the health of the community, its residents and commuters.

“This means a lot to our city,” said Dominick Calsolaro, Albany Common councilman. “These trees will replace trees we’ve lost as a result of age, invasive species and devastating storms.”

Each day, 60,000 commuters enter Albany on Interstate 787 and Route 9W near Hoffman Park, which is frequented by neighborhood youth and the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights athletic teams.

“After today, this will be a greatly improved and more-inviting entranceway to Albany,” Calsolaro said. “Not to mention, the trees also will combat runoff, provide shade for spectators, and clean and freshen the air.”

Additional comments:

• Tom Pfieffer, City of Albany forester

"What we are doing today is important to the city of Albany. 100 trees is huge. We remove trees daily for various reasons, but we are not always able to replace trees one for one for what we lose and/or remove. Not to mention, we are not meeting planting needs. These trees will have a road calming affect for this major travel route, serve as a critical buffer to area neighborhoods, make the fields more attractive and provide valuable shade."

• Mary Cosgrove, science education problem-based learning coordinator for College of Saint Rose 10 years

"100 trees is exciting to us. Albany's urban forest needs new trees to replace aged trees and those affected by an invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that is plaguing our urban forest. These trees will provide much-needed shade."

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