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Primary Endorsements: Albany

Published on 9/5/2013 by Metroland written by The Staff

Albany Mayor: Kathy Sheehan

The best reason to vote for Kathy Sheehan is her performance as treasurer. We wish she had been more forthcoming in the campaign with her ideas for fixing a city that has, in our opinion, been headed in the wrong direction for years; however, her competence is undeniable. Corey Ellis is a worthy candidate, but we think Sheehan is the right candidate for mayor.

Albany City Treasurer: Darius Shahinfar

This race, which pits Darius Shahinfar against longtime County Legislator Gary Domalewicz for the second most powerful office in city government, is a no-brainer. We believe Shahinfar will continue the high professional and nonpartisan standards Kathy Sheehan established as treasurer. We do not have the same confidence in Mr. Domalewicz.

Albany Common Council Ward 1: Dorcey L. Applyrs

This seat has been held by three-term incumbent Dominick Calsolaro. He is retiring and has endorsed Dorcey L. Applyrs as the candidate to take his place. Calsolaro was an effective council member—a constructive, progressive critic of the Jennings administration—and we take his views seriously. Applyrs is a graduate of the State University of New York School of Public Health, and an active member of the community. Metroland is pleased to endorse her candidacy.

Albany Common Council Ward 2: Vivian Kornegay

Vivian Kornegay volunteers with Albany’s SNUG anti-violence program and is another candidate endorsed by Dominick Calsolaro and Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin. Her opponent, incumbent Lester Freeman, met heavy criticism from the neighborhood when he voted against saving Public Bath No. 2, and when he suggested, in 2011, that in order to lower taxes, Albany should close the main branch of the Albany Public Library on Washington Avenue and focus resources on the remaining six branches.

Albany Common Council Ward 7: Catherine M. Fahey

Fahey has been a strong, progressive voice and we believe she merits reelection.

Albany Common Council Ward 10: Leah Golby

Leah Golby was elected to the Common Council in 2009, and she’s had a proven track record in neighborhood commitment ever since. She was the driving force behind Albany’s adoption of the complete streets project this year, and in 2011 she was awarded the Neighborhood Resource Center’s Outstanding Public Official Award.