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Blog post from Jordan Carleo-Evangelist of the Times Union

Published on 5/16/2013 by the Times Union

I've got to say, I love the symmetry of Mayor Jerry Jennings and Councilman Dominick Calsolaro, his loudest and most colorful critic, going out together. Like or dislike them, both are uniquely Albany characters.

And while the city is often derided as too small-town, too machine or too whatever by people like me who are not from here, both men (as well as women like Carolyn Mclaughlin) are important parts of its fabric. It's foolish and over-simplistic to expect politicians to be perfect. But as different as Jennings and Calsolaro are politically, they're more alike in that they're a product of the same city and generation. And you'd be hard-pressed to argue that both don't love Albany in much the same way.

So many towns in this country are sterile and boring. Albany, for all of its imperfections (or maybe because of them) is not.