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Landfill vote a slap at Albany Mayor

Published on 3/16/2010 by the Channel 6 News written by by Ken Screven

(Albany) A vote Monday night by the Albany Common Council is sending what one official called a message of revolt to the office of Mayor Jerry Jennings , but Jennings is calling the action misguided.

The Common Council failed to produce the 'ten' votes needed to approve bonding of a portion of the nearly $6 million dollars needed for the next phase of the city's landfill expansion. This is one of the rare times the City's lawmakers have not approved financing for the landfill project. A second vote on a larger bonding amount was pulled from consideration when the sponsor, Councilman Jim Sano, realized he didn't have the votes to approve.

First Ward Councilman Dominick Calsolaro voted 'no' adding that three of the Council's six new member also voted to block the landfill bonding. Lynne Jackson of 'Save the Pine Bush' called the vote 'very significant,' noting she fells there is a considerable voice on the Council now to put the 'breaks on the landfill expanding' further into the ecologically distinct Pine Bush.

But Mayor Jennings tells CBS 6 News he is 'disappointed and if this (vote) continues people will lose jobs and could lead to the public paying private contractors to pick up Albany's garbage."

Jennings said he plans to review the proposal with Council members before it comes up for the next vote. Calsolaro, who is one of the Mayors' nemesis', said he expects City Hall will put pressure on by 'twisting arms' of those who said no to the bonding expansion.

Jennings said the landfill expansion has been proposed to 'buy the city time' until a regional solid waste disposal plant can be developed.