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Testimony conflicts with Tuffey's story on 'ghost tickets'

Published on 3/25/2009 by the WNYT Interview

ALBANY - There are a number of questions the Albany Common Council wants answered by the city's police chief. They all have to do with the ongoing "ghost ticket" scandal.
From the very beginning Chief Jim Tuffey said he had no knowledge of the no-fine ticket policy.
However, a member of his department testified that's not the case. Public Safety Commander Aaron Flanger voluntarily testified under oath Monday night. Flanger, who heads up parking enforcement, says the practice of no-fine tickets goes back as long as he's been on the force -- at least 17 years.
"How can these things go on and the city administration says we didn't know this was going on when everybody else knows it's been going on," asked Councilmember Dominick Calsolaro.
Flanger says he was given a union-issued bulls eye decal back in 1992. He told councilors that at the time Tuffey was the union president.
From the beginning of the ghost ticket investigation Tuffey had told councilors he was unaware of the decal system and that it wasn't a police department issue, but rather a union one.
As for the special VIP list, Flanger testified Tuffey even asked him to enter a license plate into the system.
NewsChannel 13 put out a call to speak with the chief and get his side of the conflicting story, but was told he'd be in meetings all day.
"I don't want to say someone is lying or you can't believe someone, by somewhere the whole truth is not getting out there," Calsolaro said.
Both Tuffey and the city treasurer are scheduled to testify in front of the council next Monday.