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Letter to Commissioner Cross

Published on 2/24/2009 written by DOMINICK CALSOLARO

February 24, 2009

Robert Cross, Commissioner
Department of Water and Water Supply
35 Erie Boulevard
Albany, New York 12204

Dear Commissioner Cross:

By this letter, I am officially putting the City of Albany, New York and the Department of Water and Water Supply on NOTICE that a dangerous situation exists on Slingerland Street.

Slingerland Street suffered another bout with a collapsing street surface today. About two weeks ago, the water department was working on Slingerland Street just a few doors north of the present sink hole. A few weeks ago, the water department was working at an address just south of the new sink hole. If you walk along the east side of Slingerland Street you can see sidewalks that are sinking and holes in the blacktop between the sidewalk and the curb where the ground underneath the blacktop has been washed away.

I am requesting that the water department undertake a full study of the water and sewer lines that run under Slingerland Street. There have been too many spot repairs and too many water problems for this to be "just another broken pipe." The health and safety of the residents of Slingerland Street, as well as the safety of the people driving over Slingerland Street, are in danger with the constant water leaks on the street. Furthermore, as this is a continuing problem that can be easily verified, I believe that if the Water Department takes no action to conduct a full scale evaluation of the water and sewer lines on Slingerland Street, the Water Department will be placing the City of Albany in a very onerous position regarding liability should someone be injured in a future road collapse.

Thank you in advance for your immediate response to this dangerous situation on Slingerland Street.


Dominick Calsolaro
Common Council Member - First Ward
(518) 859-5219

Cc: John Reilly, Corporation Counsel
Gerald D. Jennings, Mayor
Slingerland Street Residents