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Published on 6/29/2007


As you know, I attended yesterday's Convention Center Authority meeting. During the powerpoint presentation of the conceptual design for the CC, the CC hotel and the CC parking garage an intersting, but disturbing, comment was made by one of the presenters. He said, and I paraphrase:

The design of the project will allow conventioneers to pull into the parking garage directly from the highway, go directly from the garage to the hotel, take their coat off in their room, then go to the convention center for the meetings, etc., and if they like, walk through the walkway to the TU Center, without ever having to put their coat back on until it's time to go back home. This is a great "selling point" he said, to make to the convention organizers.

Well, this is exactly opposite what we were told the CC was for. We were led to believe that the CC would be an economic engine to bring businesses to downtown Albany. Well, if your designing the CC to be a self-contained complex, where one can leave one's coat in their room for the duration of the convention, aren't you defeating the purpose for building the $400M CC complex in the first place? The way the concept for the project was presented yesterday, a conventioneer would never have to set one foot on a city sidewalk. So much for improving Albany's economic condition.