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Letter to Assemblyman John McEneny regarding vacant and abandoned buildings

Published on 1/13/2008

January 13, 2008

Hon. John J. McEneny
New York State Assembly
LOB 648
Albany, New York 12248

Dear Assemblyman McEneny:

The Albany Water Board/Finance Authority was audited by the New York and abandoned buildings within its borders. These buildings have a deleterious affect in the neighborhoods where they are located. Vacant and abandoned buildings lead to urban decay, loss of property value for other buildings in the immediate area, are havens for illegal drug activity, and are fires waiting to happen. In addition, many people who own homes in the vicinity of vacant buildings are having trouble obtaining homeowners insurance for their property.

One way to attack the problem of vacant and abandoned buildings is to offer a real property tax exemption to people who invest in these properties and spend large sums of money to improve the subject property. In the 2006 legislative session, the state legislature passed, and the governor signed legislation for the City of Syracuse allowing that city to implement a real property tax exemption for newly improved property (Chapter 195 of 2006). I would like to have a similar real property tax exemption be approved for the City of Albany.

For your convenience I have enclosed a copy of A.9167 of 2006 (Chapter 195 of 2006) and the sponsor’s bill memo.

I look forward to working with you on ways to make Albany a “capital” city again.


Dominick Calsolaro
Common Council Member – First Ward

cc: Hon. Neil Breslin, NYS Senate
Hon. Ron Canestrari, NYS Assembly