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City of Albany Common Council

Statement by Members of the Albany Common Council in Opposition to the Fort Orange Club’s Parking Lot Application Currently Pending Before the Board of Zoning Appeals

Published on 5/12/2008

As members of the Albany Common Council we voice our opposition to the application by the Ft. Orange Club to demolish two structures for the purpose of expanding a surface parking lot. These buildings are in a highly visible downtown location and part of an important streetscape near the Capitol Building. The proposed demolition is contrary to urban planning principles and should be denied.

Endorsed by:

Hon. Dominick Calsolaro
Council Member 1st Ward

Hon. Glen Casey
Council Member 11th Ward

Hon. Richard Conti
Council Member 6th Ward

Hon. Cathy Fahey
Council Member 7th Ward

Hon. Daniel Herring
Council Member 13th Ward

Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin
Council Member 2nd Ward

Hon. Shawn Morris
Council President

Hon. Michael O’Brien
Council Member 12th Ward

Hon. James Sano
Council Member 9th Ward