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Email sent to all Common Council Members, May 26, 2008, in regard to the May 26 article in the Times Union about the bonding for the landfill:

Published on 5/26/2008

Mike, (Mike O'Brien)

I agree with you, the Council needs to be better informed of what is happening with the landfill expansion project.

I am asking you, as Chair of the General Service Committee, to demand that copies of all materials, letters, correspondence, contracts, etc. concerning the landfill project, including the letter referred to in today's TU, "DEC sent the city a notice April 18 that its application was incomplete, said Lori O'Connell, a spokeswoman for the agency." be given to you as Chair. The letter referred to in the TU is at least the FOURTH letter from DEC telling the city that its applications and follow-up reports are INCOMPLETE!

This situation is an embarassment to the Council and the City. Furthermore, I think we should repeal the $750,000 bonding authorization for "professional services" until we contract with competent professionals. Obviously, the advice the City is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for is BAD advice!