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In an effort to connect with the students of the Capital Region on a more personal level, Albany City Common Councilman Dominick Calsolaro, along with County Legislators Wanda Willingham and Norma Chapman met with Faith Takes, President of Mildred Elley/Austin School of Spa Technology.   The campus, located on 855 Central Avenue in Albany is shared by the two colleges and is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, clinics and student service areas for the Austin School of Spa Technology and newly renovated space designed specifically for Mildred Elley.  It allows for the staff and faculty to fuse their expertise and experiences together to share them with the students in a more efficient and effective manner.

Offering programs in Business Management, Cosmetology, Digital Graphics, Nursing and others, the campus is made up of 1,200 full-time students.  The college is home to a wide-ranging number of students who commute from every district around the county.  For 91 years, it has been a great asset for students who are seeking to gain a competitive edge in their field of study.  It provides the proper education and guidance that is essential to succeed in today’s world.

(L-R) Councilman Calsolaro is joined by President Faith Takes on their recent tour.
(L-R) Councilman Calsolaro is joined by President Faith Takes on their recent tour.

A student from Councilman Calsolaro’s district in the City of Albany was there to provide insight on the typical day in the life of a student.  They discussed how the career college provides flexible in class times and office hours based on the different needs of each student.  A number of the student population is composed of area residents who are primarily returning as adult students experiencing a career change or re-training themselves for vocational careers.  Instructors are of aid to students through every step of the way, ensuring the students’ success.  Aside from educating adults for occupational careers, the college fosters a strong relationship with the community.  They recently held a summer videogame design camp for teenagers entering grades 6 through 11.  Students were taught the fundamental concepts of video game design in respect to the session focus and practical hands-on application of these concepts.  Also during their discussions, Councilman Calsolaro analyzed the prospective courses which are of greatest interest to the student residents in the community.  Mildred Elley offers the most advanced training available because they know how crucial up-to-date employment skills are in professional development. Complete course offerings are detailed by visiting the school or going to


September 18, 2009